Women’s Shoes The Basics And The Fashion For This Year Is Height

Women love shoes, but no matter how many shoes we have, we always have room for one more pair. Boots, sandals, flip flops, low heels for daywear, and high heels for evening wear- we love them all.

Have a look at some of the top women’s shoes, and the clothes you can wear with them.

Basics – Mostly, your shoe wardrobe will contain the basics; office or work shoes, leisure shoes and play shoes, and for special events you’ll need a pair of occasion shoes. Black, brown, red and glitzy golds or silvers, are favourite colours for a basic wardrobe.

Boots – Great with or without heels, boots are perfect to wear all year round. There are some great colour choices this year, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re a jeans and top girl, wear thigh high or ankle boots with skinny jeans and tunic top. Or if you prefer leggings or tights, try wearing a pair of sheepskin boots with a short skirt, opaque tights and a knitted tunic top. Accessorise with some chunky jewellery.

Medium heels – It usually depends on our mood, which daywear shoes we go for. We like flats for casual days, and medium heels if we’re going to meet friends or to wear in the office. Medium T bar heels look great with a knee length skirt and leggings. Finish it off with your favourite handbag.

Sandals – We can get stuck in a rut and go for the same style shoes, but sometimes it’s good to shake things up and go for a style that’s outside your normal buy. Try some high heeled strappy sandals in an outrageous colour that you’d never normally go for. You’ll feel a million dollars, and you’ll be smiling all day.

Dress shoes – T bars, peep toes, cuffs and jewelled dress shoes are some of our favourite dress shoes. For a great look, wear co-coordinating colours, or team bold coloured shoes with a black outfit.

Basic shoes meet most of your everyday needs. If you have specialist hobbies, you’ll need appropriate footwear – hiking boots, walking shoes, tennis shoes, dancing shoes etc., and if you love shoes, just buy what you love, you will always find an outfit to go with them.

Designers of women’s shoes have designed shoes with the aim of lengthening or at least the illusion of lengthening our legs this year, which is good news for those of us whose legs are not as long as we’d like. For those of you that don’t need any help in that department don’t despair, they have designed some spectacular shoes for you as well.

This year women’s shoes have higher heels than in recent years. Platforms are also higher. There is still a lot of shelf space being allocated to pumps with medium heels and flat soled sandals.

The colours of women’s shoes this year are nude colour tones or flesh pink, peach, blush, blues and purples as well as orange and yellows.

Many shoes are accessorised in bows, petals, ruffles, beads, gems and anything that sparkles. There are always designers willing to design the outrageous and this year is no exception, extremely high platforms with futuristic Perspex heels and soles in amongst the mix. Shoes made from exotic leather from animal skins such as crocodile, snake and even fish are also prevalent.

Gladiator shoes are still very popular, various styles are available from double ankle straps to gladiator sandals littered with small gems, bows and glitter. It seems that gladiator shoes will continue to dominate the women’s under forties age bracket.

Suitable for all ages are high heeled shoes, they are even higher than normal this year with five and six inch stilettos the norm, they come in black patent leather or soft textured leather.

For those of you that want comfort, but still want to look sexy, sparkly sandals and pumps will be the shoe for you. You will find these beautiful shoes embellished in pale pastel colours, decorated in flowers, bows or gems They look fantastic during the day and perfect for evenings out.

Cork wedges provide comfort with stunning beauty. Leather uppers, open toes, buckled ankle straps combine to give you more than you asked for in a pair of women’s shoes.

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