The Perfect Jean-7 Tips To Find The Perfect Jeans For Your Figure

Are you tall? Are you petite? Do you have long legs? Do you have a large middle? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably have struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans. In todays world, every woman has the same struggle trying to find the exact characteristics in a jean that will best fit her body. In this article, we will outline some of the more popular attributes that many women have and then give you our recommendations for the perfect jean.

If you are Tall with Long Legs. This describes a woman who is over 57 and has a longer lower body, meaning she is easily able to wrap her legs around something. To suit your frame, you should go for jeans with at least a 36 inseam to accommodate your long torso. Hudsons Supermodel Jean is all the rage among, who else, Supermodels and tall women the same. Other great brands are Rock & Republic and Habitual who offer a large variety of options for tall women who are leggy.

If you are Slim with a Boyish Frame (No Hips). This describes a woman who is narrow-waisted with no visible curves. Kate Moss is a great example of this type of frame. If you wish for jeans to fit your frame well, a straight leg or skinny jean would look great. Aim to buy jeans without any stretch, as these types of jeans will only slide because you have little to no hips for the material to cling to. Rock & Republic and Rich & Skinny are great brands while Brown Labels The Rebecca Straight Leg is an ideal style for women who have this shape.

If you are Petite. The word petite covers two extremes of woman who are of a shorter stature. Raven is a great brand for petite woman in general.
*If you are Petite and Curvy. This means you are 54 or under and have a full bust, smaller waist and thicker thighs. You define a Coke-Bottle shape. For you, a great jean needs to have a bit of stretch and should not have tiny back pockets. This little detail will make your rear look bigger than it is. Joes Jeans The Honey and Paper Denim & Cloth The MOD are fan favorites if you have this frame.

*If you are petite and Slim. As before, this means that you are 54 or under, however you are a little more proportionally built with a smaller bust, small waist, and slimmer legs. Skinny Jeans with high heels is a great combination for your frame. The close-fitting jeans will give you volume while the heels give you height. Millard Fillmore The Straight Leg and Joes Jeans The Provocateur are our picks for this type of frame.

If you have Full Hips, Thighs, and a Small Waist. If this is your frame, you have a Coke-Bottle shape as well. Usually, when you purchase jeans that fit your hips and thighs, you have a gap at your waist. Some of the best jeans for you would be trouser-cut, wide-leg, and sailor style in darker washes. These would give your body a great streamlining effect. Favorites for this curvier figure are Aristocrats The Windsor Boot Cut and GoldSigns The Orchard Wide Leg. Both perform double duty with angled waist bands and stretch denim.

If you have a Larger Middle. Many women, especially after having children, fall into this category. This frame is characterized by having a larger stomach that many times will hang over the waist band of low-rise jeans. The best jeans are those with a medium rise instead of a low rise and have extra stretch to accommodate your middle. Jeans with decoration around the waistband should be avoided, as the decoration will draw unwanted attention to your middle. Not Your Daughters Jeans The Tummy Tuck Jean and Paige Premium Denim The Rising Glen are great options if you have this frame.

If you are Tall and Curvy. You are one of the rare women who have earned the title Amazon. Serena Williams is a great example of this voluptuous shape. You need to find jeans to accommodate your shape, which includes all of your curves and your height. Go for a jean with at least a 36 inseam that are stretch and preferably wide-leg. These three factors combined will give you an amazing and polished look. Hudson, Citizens of Humanity, and Davis Kahn are brands that we highly recommend for women with this frame.

If you have Fuller Thighs. If you have this frame, it is highly likely you have to go a size or two larger in jeans to find the perfect jean that fits you best. Dark denim boot-cut styles are a winner. Also, try to find a jean with at least 2% stretch to accommodate your thighs. Joes Jeans The Honey Jean is one of the best for this frame.

No matter your shape or size, there is a perfect jean for you. Use this as a guide to find the jeans that will hug your body in all the right places. And remember, once you find the right jeans for you, shopping for them will no longer be a struggle. Good Luck & Happy Shopping!

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A Wardrobe Must Antik Denim Jeans

Always in the spotlight as one of Hollywoods it brands, Antik Denim is all the rage these days. A producer of the real dream jean with its funky edgy lines, hand stitched seams and practical fits; this label has taken vintage style to another level.

This fall 2010, Antik Denim comes in a wide range of jeans from natural waist, slim and relaxed fit to low rise and bell bottoms yes bell bottoms! The jeans are clearly distinguishable from other manufacturers because of the stamp of the perfectionist in each item. The wide range of choices make sure youll find a pair that will flatter your figure and the fall collection is decorated to perfection while still retaining the signature features of Naori and Caugants exclusive designs. Also, if youre looking for the perfect jacked to match your jeans, Antiks also got a range of denim jackets and bolero-style coats that will blow your mind, from skull and crosses designs to beads and studs. Grab them off the shelves fast, because its guaranteed theyll disappear like hot cakes.

Antik Denim has become renown as a premium brand for denim wear in the U.S. and internationally. The word jeans seems too commonplace to refer to the work of childhood friends, Philippe Naouri and Alexandre Caugant whose exquisitely detailed pieces sport leather work and hand embroidery to die for. Each pair by these wizards of craftsmanship is a masterpiece and the exclusive Italian and Japanese fabrics that are used are adding rich quality to every single piece.

Antik is a wardrobe must have for several A-list celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Courtney Hansen, Hillary duff, Jill Montgomery, Lisa Foiles, Michelle Bonilla and Ashlee Simpson. Red Carpet celebrities both male and female, like Johnny Dep, Kate Hudson, Teri Hatcher, Julia Roberts, and Eva Longoria love Antik Denim.
All these and many more vibrant sensations of Antik Denims women collection are available at RealWomenJeans.Com. With a remarkably affordable price offer for the eye-catcher enigma of Antik Denim, Real Women Jeans creates a mythical style dreamland for trendy women with its reasonable price. Real Women Jeans offers the trendsetting designs like natural waist, slim and relaxed fit to low rise, bell bottom, multi zipper, boot cut, low cut, and many others out of Antik Denims wardrobe. Dark, blue, black, and several other colors are available for Antik Denim lovers around the planet at Real Women Jeans.

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Get Roar Clothing and Rock Revival Jeans Online

If you want to get the hottest styles that the stars wear, such as Roar clothing and Rock Revival jeans, you need to turn to the internet. Here you will get the hottest styles when it comes to all of the designer looks. Roar clothing offers a vast array of designer looks such as shirts, pants, hats and hoodies for men, women and even babies! And Rock Revival jeans are the hottest look going. When you go online, you not only get the best selection, but usually the best price, too.

Roar clothing is one of the hottest looks and is worn by all of the top name celebrities. It is distinctive clothing that is roaring hot and modeled by the younger generation. Many young people want to get Roar clothing, but cannot find it in the store. Roar clothing is only sold in certain stores and online. If you live in a very upscale neighborhood, you can usually find a retailer selling Roar clothing. But for most people, it can be difficult to find. Thanks to the internet, however, it is easier than ever to get Roar clothing.

The same goes for Rock Revival jeans. Rock Revival jeans have been around for a few years and are still going strong. They are one of the top names when it comes to hot designer jeans, but are also difficult to find in the store. These jeans carry a hefty price tag in the store as well. When you purchase these jeans online, you not only can take your pick when it comes to styles and even colors, but you can also get them for less. Rock Revival jeans come in several different styles, including dark to light blue jeans.

When you shop for hot clothing online, you do not have to battle a crowd or go from store to store to look for the clothes. You can look for everything right from your own computer and choose the style and fit that you want. It can be daunting to try to find hot and stylish clothing in stores near you as you have a lot of competition for a few things. When you shop online, you can find out right away if the product is available and make your purchase. Whether you are looking for Roar clothing or Rock Revival Jeans, as well as any other type of hot designer, you should look online.

It can be great to be able to wear the hottest style trends like Rock Revival jeans and Roar clothing, but these styles are not often easily found. If you want the biggest selection when it comes to size and variety, as well as the best prices for designer clothing, it makes much better sense to shop online. You can look like your favorite celebrity with the click of a mouse by getting this clothing that can be purchased for men, women, teens and even babies! Rock Revival jeans and Roar clothing is hotter than ever and easy to get once you go online.

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Different Types of Men’s Tuxedo Suits for Formal Occasions

Whenever the necessity to attend a formal occasion like a corporate get-together, business meet or official reception arises, it is important you are attired in the perfect tuxedo. There are indeed many different types of tuxes and tuxedo accessories for one to choose from. But it will be easier for you to select the right tuxedo for the formal occasion if you can understand the nature and formality of that occasion.

You should particularly attach significance to three things – time of the event whether it is scheduled for morning, afternoon or evening, is it a traditional, ultra-formal, formal, semi-formal, contemporary type of function and finally, has any dress requirement is mentioned in the invitation card.

You will have to necessarily wear a different type of tuxedo for the morning and evening event. There is no common type of tuxedo to suit both type of occasions. If the event is taking place during day time then more casual tuxedos may be appropriate but night time events certainly demand formal tuxedo.

Cutaway coat is a long coat which is dark grey in color and it is usually worn for morning events. Dinner jacket is another type of tuxedo that is meant for late evening functions. This type of tuxedo features a white jacket of regular length with no bells and whistles. Director’s suit is generally worn for a daytime formal wedding only. Tails are strictly reserved for ultra formal and evening occasions.

Tuxedos are the preferred choice of men who frequently attend formal occasions. Wearing tuxedos during formal occasions lends majesty and elegance. Most men prefer black tuxedos as it is widely available, comfortable to wear and gives a classic look. Decide whether you would wear single breasted or double breasted suit. Trends are changing and today both types are deemed appropriate for formal occasions. If you want a more formal look, then tail jacket with a black tie would make you stand out. This would give a formal look particularly in evening parties.

Suits that are rented from department store are conveniently available in different styles to keep updated with the latest trends. If you are planning to rent a tuxedo, however make sure it fits you perfectly as any ill-fitting suit will make you look grotesque. Rented suits are tailored with the average male body in mind, and thus may not fit you perfectly. Once you have decided your favorite tuxedo, get it altered if it is loose. If you are purchasing the tuxedo do check the style and the fabric. If you are unsure which style will suit you, then you can consult the shop owner who will certainly guide you.

Wearing accessories with tuxedos can further enhance your appearance. Some of the important accessories are shoes, bow ties, cummerbunds, cufflinks and waist coats. Cummerbunds and waist coats with a right-fitting tuxedo can make you look trendy. Make sure that the pleats of the cummerbund are upward facing, in case you wear one.

Be careful while choosing the color of your shirt as shirts generally reflect your taste. Silk, brightly colored shirts can work truly well with tuxedos that are worn on formal occasions. There are listings of the latest designs of tuxedos in the market and they come in different colors, fabrics, designs and styles for wearing during formal occasions. The occasion you are attending will help you in choosing the kind of formal wear tuxedo you are going to buy or rent.

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Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are the funkiest type of jeans. Made popular by rock stars in the 1960s, ripped jeans are back in fashion. Today, more and more celebrities are seen sporting the I dont care look with their ripped jeans. Even Britney Spears wore ripped jeans for her rushed-for-the-media Las Vegas wedding.

Ripped jeans are a mark of rebellion. They make the wearer stand out of the crowd and get noticed. Ripped jeans are in high demand among girls and boys alike. To boys, ripped jeans impart a rugged look, while girls wear them because they are simply hip.

Although one might be tempted to rip their jeans on their own, it doesnt give that worn-out look. Also, any normal pair of jeans is too durable to fray and rip on its own in a given period of few years. So it strongly advised to go for the readymade machine-ripped jeans to get that right look. Though one has to pay a few bucks more to buy a pair of ripped jeans than to buy a normal pair, the high price is justified because it costs manufacturers more to make ripped jeans. Brand-new denims have to go through a lot of processing to get that overused look. To impart the faded color around the rips, the denims have to be hand-rubbed with sandpaper. For the peculiar frayed texture they have to be sandblasted. All this leads to an increased cost.

However, to a youngster who wants to make a statement with his attire, ripped jeans are worth every penny. Not only do they look cool, but ripped jeans also go with all kinds of T-shirts as long as they are cool. You dont have to be a rock star to look cool, just buy a pair of ripped jeans and it will do the trick.

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One-Roof Solution for Fashion Clothing

Fashion is unique expression of human style and their personality being reflected. Fashion clothing is constantly changing day by day and may differ from country to country, depending upon various factors like culture, age and behavior. Now a day online Shopping is best option because there is no need to wait in the crowd, you can do your shopping in less time even if you are busy also. It gives the opportunity to shop 24*7 and offering more discounts with free shipping facilities. Online Shopping offers more Fashionable Dresses with cheap prices.

There are many stores available for online shopping, but from few countable stores for latest fashion trend, SammyDress is one of the whole sale online clothing store world Fashion is unique expression of human style and their personality being reflected. Fashion clothing is constantly changing day by day and may differ from country to country, depending upon various factors like culture, age and behavior. Now a day online Shopping is best option because there is no need to wait in the crowd, you can do your shopping in less time even if you are busy also. It gives the opportunity to shop 24*7 and offering more discounts with free shipping facilities. Online Shopping offers more Fashionable Dresses with cheap prices.

There are many stores available for online shopping, but from few countable stores for latest fashion trend, SammyDress is one of the whole sale online clothing store worldwide. It works for customer satisfaction. Here you can choose wide verities of Dresses for Men, Women and kids with free shipping facility. It provides on helping customers to find the perfect gift for any occasion within the budget. It is the largest cheap Online Fashion Clothing Store. It Provides Wide Varieties of Dresses For Men, Women and Kids. They Offer Fashionable and stylish dresses for all occasion which makes you look more gorgeous. SammyDress provides unique designer clothing for the discounted price. You may select huge number of products available in various Eye-Catching colors, models, sizes with different styles and within the range. It provides High quality clothing, accessories for Men, Women and kids for Factory prices by using Online Coupon Codes with Free Shipping Service. Here you can find Wedding Gowns, cardigan, matching outfit, shoes, handbags, lingerie, toupee, jackets, Fashion Jewelry, Men’s garment, and children Toys for the discounted price. It also provides special occasion dresses, wedding party dresses, Beauty Products, Watches, Hair accessories, Wallets, Gifts, Men’s Bags, Belts, Home and Living Products, kitchen, office supplies and lower price products with free shipping. It provides best customer service makes the unique. Find more benefits on wholesale China clothing products. Find huge selection of kid’s accessories for your kids like Bottoms, Tops, Shoes, toys and also get Fashion jewelry like Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings and Brooches for an affordable range with Free and Fast shipping service. This is best suggestion that one can pick out the items and cash on delivery selection whatever you want to make a purchase in online. Sammydress Stores Deliver the items depends upon the processing and shipping for variety products. They deliver items within the time. Find online Coupons to get best discounts on stylish clothing, beauty products, designer jewelry, handbags and accessories for Men, Women and kids. With Online coupon codes you can save more money and time. Coupons give you the best way to shop online with low prices. Many stores offering online coupons to shop retailmenot, savings, ClickSnM is the one of the best store which provides up-to-date online Coupons. You can get more low price products with these coupons compare to others. While shopping online with these coupons gives max benefits on all products with free shipping service, and also may get cash back for a surprise. For more information you can visit:


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Sexy Sleek Looking Skin Tight Jeans

Sexy skin tight jeans, whether you are a fan or not it is the hottest jeans in town! Tight jeans have been popular since the 1980s, back then it was the fashion norm among the teens. Wearing tight skin tight jeans were the early Mod scene and very popular to both men and women especially among the youth culture fashions.

It came across America on the account of the Rock n Roll boom during the 1950s. Elvis the king of rock n roll shocked the country by donning tight jeans while showing off his famous gyrating moves. The skin tight jeans gave opportunity to people with bulging packages to show off their assets. Men especially those who plays in rock bands are great fans of skin tight jeans giving them the impression of the bad boy image such as the Rolling Stones and other popular heavy metal bands particularly thrash scene bands like Megadeath, Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica.

Skin tight jeans are also known in the early years in other terms such as skinny jeans, skinny pants, cigarette pants, slimjims, carrot leg pants, pencil pants, drainpipes, tapered pants, peg leg pants, ice cream cone pants and old school hood jeans.

Tight jeans have started to gain currency and the new concept of this denim is rather brave when it comes to the mens fashion. Skin tight jeans come long and lean and as tight as you may like. Blue denim jeans have always been the most popular tones but today color fashion of tight jeans are available with the coolest and hippest undertones.

Skin tight jeans are so tight it hugs the legs and a shape the bottoms of the person wearing the jeans appearing like its almost a second skin. Women are so much into tight jeans, making skin tight jeans fast becoming the newest trend in town selling like hotcakes in the market now. Tight jeans are very stylish in a way that somehow it makes a lot of people look a lot thinner, enhancing the shape of the body into a more curvaceous form. There are also skin tight jeans stitched and cut into different styles that enable figure enhancements and makes miracles in camouflaging unwanted body features.

A person who wants to achieve a slimmer impression will be more successful with the right pair of skin tight jeans. Stretch denim jeans are also very hot in the market, it is considered to be the second best selling when it comes to clothing items. The materials of stretch denims are very popular in cotton and spandex fabrics and the common combination of the materials of stretch denim jeans constitutes of 1% spandex, 28% polyester and 78% cotton.

If you are aiming for the sleek look, cotton-Lycra blends of stretch denim jeans are the right pair for you. There are also artistically designed skin tight jeans available in the market. You can have these skin tight stretch denim jeans in floral, beaded and embroidered. A pair of tight jeans that has a light tone at the thighs thru the knees will give your legs a shapelier looking form.

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Glorious Ethnic Fashion For Women

In this modern era, fashion status has become common aspiration, and everyone wants to look voguish and tasteful. Ever wondered the fashion that we follow on a daily basis has a significant influence on the way we think and feel about ourselves. In reality, the ways we appear and distinguish forms our self-image, and shape our enduring style and persona. Trendy and comfortable clothes show a cool and sporty side of our persona whereas formal and decent clothing signify sophisticated disposition.

So despite the fact that you are bound with your dressing styles on daily basis, it is merely during special occasions and celebration when you can change your outlook and try your wings out for something different and attractive, that would give different zest to your style. For such auspicious and joyous occasions, Indian ethnic clothes such as Patiala Salwar suits or Kurtis for girls are the greatest way to show off your feminine charm.

Indian ethnic clothes have propensity to grace your persona and make you look gorgeous. The splendor and glory of Indian dresses is simply invincible, which can enhance any feminine person with regal ethnic styles. With the latest designs and styles in Indian ethnic clothes, you can be the center of attention at occasion or festive party. Indian ethnic clothes are not only the most traditional and elegant outfits for women, but has now also become a desired fashion statement for style perceptive modern women.

Ethnic styles have become most preferred choice for Indian women, and even young girls have steered their preferences towards Indian ethnic clothes such as Kurtis for girls and Patiala Salwar suits. In recent times, these ethnic styles and trends have gained enormous admiration not only in India, but also in many other countries. Many foreign nations have apprehended the elegance of Indian ethnic clothes and they have commenced to follow Indian trends with an aspiration to have unique and outstanding fashion statements.

To cater to this ever-growing demand for designer Indian wear, there are many online fashion boutiques, which have presented their collection of Indian ethnic clothes in variety of designs, patterns and styles. One of these boutiques is, which is an online store of renowned Indian brand Sabhyata.

The fashion boutique of Shopsabhyata is all about Indian ethnicity and its infusion to latest trends in vogue, which results magic weaved out of fabrics. Creating most exquisite Kurtis for girls, wonderful Salwar and Churidar, modish Patiala Salwar suits, and numerous more creations, Shopsabhyata has become foremost choice of every fashion forwarded female in India.

Look Stylish With Olivetag Women Fashion Accessories

Accessories are always the most integral part of a person’s over-all outlook. Be it a simple hat or even the good old wedges, women fashion accessories are the basic fashion requirement. Not only this, accessories are meant to uplift the dull appeal or utterly casual impression of your clothing. Though, on the other hand, any wrong turn can turn your look into a complete disaster.
Therefore, it is important to keep this in your mind while you shop for accessories. Especially when you go for women accessories shopping online.
If you are going for a corporate look, it is important that you do not overly accessorize it and make it into your evening get-together look. However, things are not as strict as they seem. It seems that this sector is welcoming more flexibility as we head towards newer and more liberated trends. This means, we can finally move on from all grim-black accessories, such as strictly black heels and leather bags to something more exciting and yet professional at the same time.
Handbags are one of the most prominent accessories to break into the above discussed liberated fashion pattern. For an instance, while adorning your peachy-orange subtle trousers, you can always finish it with a lustrous and carefully bordered, suitcase-handbag, providing you with the bossy appeal. Though again, it is important to decide it by your area of work. If you do field work more often, you would not want to look out of place. Another tip would be, whenever in doubt, look up to your boss or superiors, their dress code would guide you on whether you are overdoing it or not.
Secondly, choosing the right kind of shoes is necessary too. Where pencil heels and pumps are boss of the corporate footwear, if you feel really uncomfortable in your work space, I would definitely not recommended it to you. On the other, you can always go for more comfortable and yet equally competitive wedges.
Lastly, choosing the right kind of jewellery can be troublesome too. Nonetheless, when we are talking about accessories, things such as rings, bracelets and earrings becomes the primary force. While bracelets can be a big No with your outfit, a simple and humble looking leather watch would be considered just perfect. However, if you are really rooting for bracelets, keep in mind the idea of simplicity and avoid the troublesome parts such as clasp bracelets.
On our women accessories online section, we guide you towards our amazing set of corporate-perfect Anchor watches. Not only this, find more such corporate women fashion accessories only

Argyle Socks – Learn The Origin Of Those Socks

What’s plaid on a diagonal and worn on feet? Argyle socks of course. Argyle socks have been around as a vogue merchandise for a very long time – a couple of hundred years, as a matter of fact.

There’s simply one thing about these multi-coloured socks that generations have found interesting in quite a lot of style presentations.

Argyle socks have gone in and out of favor, only to return as the “latest factor”. Maybe it’s the flexibility of vogue functions or maybe it’s a pure retro item. In addition to golfers, the largest viewers for these distinctive socks are younger people.

Though there are various tales on the origin of those socks, it is generally agreed they first confirmed up around 1500 as the footwear of the Scottish clan of Campbell in the city of Argyll in Scotland.

The clan’s colours have been inexperienced and white, represented in their kilts and later, footwear fabricated from the same cloth. From this easy starting, argyle socks had been born.

Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish writer and poet was largely responsible for immortalizing the argyle sample when he brought consideration to the design in an informal point out in his writings.

By the late 1700’s, the argyle sample was commercially produced, and knitters soon adopted the development with diagonally stitched plaid stockings. These creations were dubbed “argyle socks”.

The name stuck. Right now you’ll find these in any department store in any mixture of two or extra colors, as popular as ever.

For those who’re of an older era, chances are you’ll remember the modern golfer of the 1920’s, proud in his plaid golfing hat, pullover sweater vest and matching knee-excessive argyle socks, posing with his clubs in all his style glory. This look was arguably the birth of argyle socks as an American fashion.

These patterned socks had immense reputation as a vogue accent for young individuals throughout the Roaring Twenties, fading as America entered the Nice Depression.

Surfacing once more in the 1940’s and lasting effectively into the 1950’s, argyle socks were a favourite knitting venture for young girls to make as presents for their boyfriends or for their very own wardrobe.

Subtle collegiates quickly built-in argyle patterns in vests, sweaters and hats, as coordinating fashions to be worn with the esteemed argyle sock. So pervasive was the fashion, the argyle sock look ultimately became cliched, dying of overuse and turning into dated and out of favor once again.

Then came the Preppies of the 1980’s, with their Retro interpretation of penny loafers, that wise shoe of 1950’s fame, teamed with argyle socks.

Right now, the famous socks are again having fun with a resurgence of style correctness, with a new twist. Now the argyle sock could also be worn with grunge shorts or tuxedos in a contrasting and incongruous fashion statement. Uncoordinated is the new expression of individualism.

Argyle socks are part of trend history. Because the saying goes, “history repeats itself”, so you could be a development setter with your individual new take on the argyle sock.

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