Classic Groomsmen Styles

A Groomsmens attire should reflect the groomsmens personal style. As the groom, consider selecting a different colored tie or other accessories for yourself from your groomsmen so you stand out amongst the herd. Tuxedos are classic and create a formal, unified look at an evening ceremony; the preferred look, a black tuxedo with a black bow and cummerbund / waistcoat is the standard ensemble for a formal nighttime affair. For ultra-formal, groomsmen should consider Full-Dress Attire, which consists of a tuxedo, white pique wing shirt, a waistcoat, and a bow tie.

If a Destination Event or Beach Affair, linen suits, or pants and an open-collared shirt, are a crisp, casual look for your groomsmen. If the event is Destination/Beach-Formal, consider tan suits or Navy Blazers with either white or cream-colored slacks. In this instance, the neck wear can either be bow ties or four in hand ties in a pastels colors or stripes.

Nowadays, most contemporary groomsmen are opting for a dinner tie to complement the tuxedo, with or without a matching or contrasting waistcoat.

Braces or suspenders are always recommended for uniformity and for functional purposes. Throw in some classic cufflinks and a shirt stud set, and really wow the other wedding attendees with some additional flair.

They come in various colors, textures, and even whimsical patterns. This is where your groomsmen can show some distinctive personality.

Your groomsmen are a major component to your wedding day. Their attire should be consistent and mindfully aim to project your style.

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