Fashion Jewelries Form The New Trend For The Indian Women

Jewelries accentuate ones beauty and make her look way more beautiful and sensational. Women have always find ornaments to be very special. A simple piece of solitaire or a plain kada can easily create that difference in enhancing your personality.

India is a land of festive season where every occasion is celebrated with great pomp and joy. Bright lights, loud sounds, traditional ethnic wears and beautiful jewellery come to our mind whenever we think of Indian festivals. Every woman loves to dcor herself with conventional ornaments and if not conventional then fashionable jewelries for sure. Since these days the prices of gold and diamond have reached sky high, thus the demand for costume jewellery has increased to a great level. Fashionable ornaments are highly popular among women hailing from almost all the sections of the society. All Indians celebrate a variety of festivals that form an integral part of their lives. Festivals have always been an important part to the life of every Indian since this is the time during which families, friends and others reunite and enjoy the celebrations with immense excitement and fun. Right from the month of September to November we are having a slew of festivals that begins with the grand festival of the Bengalis which is the Durga Puja. The Durga puja is one festival where all the Bengalis decked up wearing their favorite ornaments that are classy as well as alluring. Bengalis are born beauties. The traditional jewellery items that they wear add more grace to their beauty. Nathni, Tikli, Jhumka, Kaan Bala, Ratan Chur are some of the traditional Indian jewellery items that are worn by the Bengali brides on their wedding day. Bangles, simple and traditional mang tika ornament, Nose studs, Finger Rings, Pendants, beautiful Kundan earrings, etc. are high in fashion and are widely available in the market at affordable price ranges. Durga puja is celebrated across Bengal for four consecutive days and is extremely popular among all the Bengalis. These four days the Bengalis go out pandal hopping with their friends and family wearing their best clothes and jewelries. Bengali women adorn themselves with alluring collection of jewelries that go best with their sarees and ethnic wears. Then we have the Dhanteras where buying of gold is mandatory according to the Hindu rituals. On this day gold and other precious and semi-precious jewellery and coins become high in demand as the Indians feel it to be sacred to buy at least something in gold on that day. After Dhanteras we eagerly await with our bated breath to commemorate another grand festival i.e. Diwali. Laxmi puja is celebrated on that day at every house where the Hindu brides deck up themselves in new traditional apparels along with golden Jewelries. Hence, we can see that ornaments indeed form an essential part of Indian celebrations where all the festivals become incomplete without the hint of jewellery in them. Karva chauth, one of the most popular celebrations in the North India is immensely famous throughout India. Almost all of us have grown up watching the telly serials where the Punjabi women wear heavy Zardousi sarees and traditional jewelries and break their fast after seeing the moon. This custom is extremely popular among the North Indians and is celebrated as a grand affair.

The importance of jewelries is indispensable and undoubtedly the jewelry essentials hold a special position in the heart of women. A woman without jewelry is as incomplete as a married woman without vermillion.

During this slew of festivals, the middle income grouped people find it difficult to buy gold or diamond jewelries as the prices of these are out of their reach and hence they settle down with buying fashion or costume jewelries such as Polki, Kundan, American Diamond, etc. again, kundan ornaments is designed with refined gold, hence majority of people buy Polki ornaments. Polki has immense demand in eastern India and it rules the market among the other costume jewelries. Nowadays the trends have somewhat shifted to Polki. In the last 4-5 years, the demand for fashionable jewels has risen up and is hugely famous among women belonging to all age groups.

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